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MMD Resources by Jay-Jay-Edits
[MMD CONTENT DL]Pocky-P eyetextures + cute face by Yowafan
Squishy base [DL] by ThatOneBun
[PMX PART DOWNLOAD]Another face? by Yowafan

Mature Content

Plus Base + skin tone - download dl data by HoshichoM
Long fluffy guake front hair [DL] by ThatOneBun
Cute bushy twintails [DL] by ThatOneBun
xX MMD Xx Curly Long Hair + DL! [Special 100W] by Yoko-ChanYT
Braids Pigtails Download Dl by HoshichoM
MMD Heartland Academy Uniform ver.2.0 by kkinatv
MMD Kotori/Tori's Uniform ver 1.0 by kkinatv
Purple Outfit + Download by kitten-S
[MMD DL] Unity-Chan's Outfit by FreezyChanMMD
[MMD] BangDream! Eyes Texture DL! by ALittleVitya
[MMD] ALV's Eyes Texture Pack 2! by ALittleVitya
Diamond Eye Tex by Snorlaxin
Phosphophyllite Eye Tex by Snorlaxin
Kingdom Hearts Unchained X DRESS DOWNLOAD DL by HoshichoM
[DL] Short Collar Dress by Diago-the-Fallen
MMD Fluffy Dress by mbarnesMMD
MMD - Cherry Dress by SuminoChan
High Resolution Jeans [ Commission + DL ] by PeachMilk3D
Cyber Solstice Pants - AN003 by AnimeNebula003
MMD Nakao Pants Edit DL by 2234083174
MMD Nakao Shorts DL by 2234083174
Vampire skirt DOWNLOAD DL by HoshichoM
Versatile chic skirt DOWNLOAD DL by HoshichoM
Pencil skirt download dl by HoshichoM
[DL]Pleated skirt w/ Bow by Diago-the-Fallen
Wings, Ears and tails
Dragon Horns ~Download~ by RitaLeader14
Dragon Tail ~Download~ by RitaLeader14
[PMX PART DOWNLOAD]Squeaky moth wings by Yowafan
[mmd DL] animal tail! [3 kinds!] by kawaii-noodle-boy
Shirts and tops
MMD Ema (Ghost Girl) clothes (top) by kkinatv
[DL] Simple Female Sweater by Diago-the-Fallen
[DL] Kitty Tee by Diago-the-Fallen
[MMD Download] Short-Sleeved Coat-Tail by RosalinaFuji
Meme Boots [ DL ] by PeachMilk3D
[MMD.DL] Sapphire Ring by OniMau619
Neck Head
MMD model for you: CAT FACE! DL! by me! by kawaii-noodle-boy
Accessory and Props
Z microphones by ZinniaE
Mixed category
[MMD + M3 Newcomer] Corpse Box Racer + DL by The-Horrible-Mu
Animals and monsters
MMD limited model download: Gregory by EmberBertinelli
Z  Greek Temple Stage download by ZinniaE
Christmas coffee cups {DL} by me-ooks
PL2 Parts
Delicate Wings by lunar-elegance
Cresent rose MMD Fixed by ZaziTheAngel19
Poses and motions
[MMD] Pose Pack 6 - DL by Snorlaxin
Falling Uganda Knuckles MMD Effect DL by ZaziTheAngel19
Pay to use
MMD Valentine 's Cake Skirt ~ Download ~dl by HoshichoM


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Miko/Miki here and i'm sorry it took about 2 days to finish but both of us are kind of lazy and tend to do other things like life.

But back to topic, as most of you can see we have added more folders and a new icon for our group.
Please check out the folders so you know where to put your downloads in.

We have finally re-opened the group after some things we accidentally forgot to change/re-open.
Everyone that couldn't join can now join since someone finally pointed out that we accidentally turn off the join group button.
Everyone can now summit more things into the group, if you were having problems submitting things in the past month or so. You can finally submit them.  

The rules of the group have changed a little bit.

:bulletpurple: New rule as of 1/27/2018 we won't allow download links with or things like that into the group. Any past submissions that are using or using things like that won't be removed as we don't really want to go into every single submission to check.  

:bulletred:  Please don't summit game rips like kingdom hearts, project diva, etc. This rule even goes for online MMOs like TERA, League of legends, Smite and so on. This does include mods for games like skyrim, sims, left 4 dead and so on.
The only game rips we do allow is PL2 aka Polygon Love 2 and 3DCG aka 3D custom girl. ((Please note if you are under the age of 18 then don't try to search it up and we do recommend not to download these games due to a chances of someone getting a virus. We don't want to be held responsible for giving a R-18 game to a minor or giving someone a chance of getting a virus.))

:bulletpurple: If someone uploads a part (like windows 100%, Saboten, etc.) please be nice and ask them calmly to take it down. Since sometimes they do slip past us, if they don't take down the download please inform the group by notes and we will remove it from our group.

:bulletblue: Please make sure before you post your part give credit to the person that made the model.

:bulletpurple: Don't yell or bash on people because they wanted to summit something they made, converted or model part they like. This rule does go for people that ask for points for their hand made things.

:bulletred: Please don't summit pictures that don't have any links to model parts, poses or MME effects.

:bulletpurple: We hope you enjoy your stay.

Some tips for newcomers

:bulletyellow: To make MMD edits you will need PMDE or PMXE which you will find most of the info here How to DOWNLOAD PMD/PMX Editor by Akiiza-sama and for a English version go here   English Pmx Editor by eoscustom3d

:bulletyellow: Before asking for help look for MMD tutorials… and if you find something that explains your problem look into the comments before asking. Since sometimes the author will tell you how to fix it.

:bulletyellow: For those who don't know what MME is it's a plugin to use effects like snow falling, moving grass and you mostly seen some shaders used on pictures.
How to install MME - MME instaling detailed by shadoouge
How to use it in a way - MME Tutorial by shadoouge Make sure to read the description and comments before asking

:bulletyellow: If you want to know where you can download MMD/MikuMikuDance it's here… (Scroll to MikuMikuDance (DirectX9 Ver.) and download it)
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SkeleTemmie Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Student General Artist
Hi! So I'm looking for a decent nosebleed expression/thing for a tda model but I'm struggling with finding it ;w;

If anyone could help, it'd be greatly appreciated!!
creppymemes Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2017
Anyone here got a DL for like a short blonde pixie cut? Can't seem to find any of those. :/
EggfriendUT Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just a question, for shorter models, such as a child model, do you have to find clothes specifically to fit them or do you have to edit clothes already owned? My pmx editor barely works and I don't think I could edit clothing.
Shadow-Dragon99 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a problem, ¿how do i transform .pmx models to .pmd models without the white textures? i dl a Miku Base, but it was on .pmx, i use pmd so i just dl the PMXE and transformed the Miku Base, ¿WHY THE TEXTURES ARE ON WHITE?
DarksCarnival Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Student
Is this group still active?
MMD3DCGParts Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017
It's still "alive" just not many people adding to the group.
Cartoondude135 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016
How do I copy the facials/morphs from this Rin model… and paste them into this Len model…? I have Pmx Editor and this model is missing some of those facials displayed on this Rin model.
Lenaloid Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Not sure if anyone here actually only rigs models (seeing as this is a parts group), but I was wondering if anyone had a tutorial for adding facials using only textures? 
moyranian Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been trying for months, and I just can't properly comprehend the PMX editor.  Is there a tutorial, or a simplified version of sorts out there?

Yes, I've read the tutorials, but I have a learning disorder, error 404, need more help than that.
Tokami-Fuko Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016  Student General Artist
Why my dragon was declined?
I mean that
He work for mmd
MMD3DCGParts Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016
We stated in the rules we don't allow game rips into the group. Sorry.
Tokami-Fuko Featured By Owner Edited Jul 18, 2016  Student General Artist
But I see a lot of game rips into your galery... strange
Especially Jewell and access.. and 3dcg is no game now?
MMD3DCGParts Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016
Again in the rules we even state, 3D Custom Girl is allowed so is Polygon Love 2. These rules are from the original creator of the group before they left, and to respect them we will not change the rules.
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